unzipping a file in revolution2.6.1

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 07:32:56 EST 2005

> i'm attempting to read in a  file (.zip) within the URL command, then
> unzip it into text.
> How does runrev handle this type of file?
> is it possible to URL ftp a zipped file and convert it without pushing
> it onto the disk?

Does it have to be zip? Rev has compression/decompression built-in but
only for gz format, not zip. However it allows you to read a file into
a variable, compress the variable and then upload it. You can also
download into a variable, decompress and then do whatever you need.

If you must use zip, have a look at the shell command ditto, otherwise
check the Rev compress & decompress commands.


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