Player Duration to hh:mm:ss

Garrett Hylltun garretthylltun at
Mon Dec 19 20:30:40 EST 2005

On Dec 19, 2005, at 3:14 PM, Bill Marriott wrote:

> Actually, if you note my examples, the omission of the third trunc was
> intentional to allow for fractional seconds. You can always pass a  
> trunc'ed
> or rounded value if you like. :)
> Bill

Ahhhhh.........  Ok, and now you've peaked my curiosity here.  How  
would I handle fractional seconds, or convert fractional seconds into  

This is something I was going to ask soon anyway.  Because I will  
want to update some information every .5 seconds.  And I hadn't had  
the chance to see if Rev was capable of this or not.

Here's the scenario....  If a song title is too wide for the label's  
width, I want to scroll the the title one letter at a time every .5  
seconds so that eventually the entire title of the song has passed  
before the users view.

And my bad on the assumption.  Since you didn't mention it, I thought  
it was just an oversight.

Thanks again,

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