Sorting array

Brad Borch brad at
Mon Dec 19 16:13:29 CST 2005

I have about 300 items for a timeline, each with a start date, an end 
date, some simple classification, a title, and some text content. I'm 
building a Rev back end to manage the timeline events, and a flash front 
end to create an animated timeline. Flash will be reading what is 
essentially a tab-delimited database.

First, am I better off dropping text into an array in Rev to edit it, or 
simply sorting and managing the text as a big hunk of text?

Second, if the array is better, how do I sort the array? (I've already 
built the Rev tool to split the text into the array). I've tried "sort 
gMyEvents numeric by item 1 of each" (after defining the itemDelimiter 
as tab). Is there a simple way to sort an array? Am I missing something?

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