Debugging and the execution path

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Saturday, December 17, 2005, 11:47:26 AM, you wrote:

> Hmmm - I kind of disagree with it, so I won't be voting. I sometimes use
> the contexts to see the local variables in each context, but don't want
> to switch my view of the script (and particularly don't want additional
> script windows popping up with the card script, the stack script, the
> library script, ...etc.) - so it;s OK by me to keep it being a two-step
> process as it is now.

Interesting. I hadn't thought of actually *wanting* it to stay the way
it is. I remember the Bad Old Days when we had only a single script
editing window at a time and I certainly don't want to go back there
again. Keeping the functions separate does make some sense, though.
But the scroll button should be documented.

This does bring up an interesting point, though. It would be nice
(hint to rev BZ team) if there were a way to vote yea or nay on BZ
enhancement requests instead of just voting yea on them. How about
adding a comment to #1564 since I've already gotten a verbal agreement
that it seems like a good idea to make the change?

> I do wish the contexts in the drop-down would show handler name, as well
> as object name and line number.

Indeed yes. I want a full stack trace available. You can modify the
Variable Watcher to do this yourself, of course, but you'd have to do
this with each new release of the IDE.

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