How restrict display to 1024x768 on larger screens

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Sun Dec 18 00:28:44 CST 2005

Hi Kresten,

May be I don't understand well your problem but here is how I would  
imagine a reliable solution:
Stack window: 1024*768
All objects grouped - group locked - size: 1024 768
Then I would set the scroll of the group according to the screen I  
want to display.
On larger screens if needed, you can set a backdrop with the same  
background than the stack and no shadow (decorations as you wish) and  
center the window.

BTW, why do you don't use 9 cards? :-)

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
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Le 18 déc. 05 à 03:59, Kresten Bjerg a écrit :

> We have developed a stack size 3072 x 2304, thus having 9 different  
> full screens
>  available on a card, when using a 1024 x 768 screen. This works  
> fine on such a screen.
> But how can we limit the appearance on larger screens, so precisely  
> a given of the 9
> windows, and only that, can be seen ?
> Our approach suceeded with the upper left window:
> on tomainwindow
>   global phenowindow
>   if the platform is "MacOS" then
>     set the rect of this window to "0,20,1024,768"
> but for the remaing 8 windows
> e.g.
> on toworkplacewindow
>   global phenowindow
>   if the platform is "MacOS" then
>     set the rect of this window to "-2047,-1520,1025,760"
> it does not work:  parts of the card lying outside the specified  
> rect  (parts of neighboring
> windows) remain visible.
> We might of course camouflage those parts with an empty field, but  
> it would  be ugly and awkward.
> How can a solution be constructed, which does not imply splitting  
> up in 9 parallel substacks?
> It shall be cross-platform, for standalones.
> Kresten
> kresten.bjerg at
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