Debugging and the execution path

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Sat Dec 17 14:47:26 EST 2005

Mark Wieder wrote:

>Saturday, December 17, 2005, 8:49:19 AM, you wrote:
>>Also, in the script editor, you can use the menu View / Go to line ...
>>to go to a line number. Unfortunately, you can't do that while in 
>>debugger mode - the whole View menu is not enabled at that point.
>Interesting. This was possible before 2.6.1. I'm not sure how far
>back, though. I used to toggle into "Go To Line" mode before starting
>a debugging session and then I could type in a line number when I hit
>a breakpoint. I haven't had to do that since the context button got
>installed, so I don't really miss it.
I just tried this on 2.5, and when it hits a breakpoint, the bottom 
section of the script window shows the "Step Into", "Step Over", ...., 
"Abort" and so the "Go to " box and button are no longer accessible. Is 
there something else I need to do to get at them ?

>...and BZ #1564 is open for voting.
Hmmm - I kind of disagree with it, so I won't be voting. I sometimes use 
the contexts to see the local variables in each context, but don't want 
to switch my view of the script (and particularly don't want additional 
script windows popping up with the card script, the stack script, the 
library script, ...etc.) - so it;s OK by me to keep it being a two-step 
process as it is now.

I do wish the contexts in the drop-down would show handler name, as well 
as object name and line number.

Alex Tweedly

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