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Scott Kane scott at proherp.com
Sat Dec 17 04:59:49 EST 2005

Hi Xavier,

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a "Delphi vs. Rev" argument.
There are things that Rev can do that Delphi can't.  Multiple platform
for starters.  I tried RealBasic in the process of evaluating the
universe and found it to be absolutely terrible.  In terms of stability
is the closest thing I can get, in terms of stability and flexibility
and I love
using it now - after quite a learning curve (which I am still
undertaking).  Sure
there are things Delphi can do that Rev can't .  Inline ASM for
starters, but I
don't use that very often anyway.  One thing Delphi can do is write data
the executable.  But then Rev has the magic of external stacks so it's
not really
a needed feature.  I've always believed in choosing the right tool for
the job.
I can see me writing some applications for all three platforms in Rev in
to come.  Rev needs more people like you developing cool objects and
it promises to be an exciting time for me!  :-)


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> Scott
> very cool indeed! I know how good Delphi is because FLStudio 
> uses that environment to make FruityLoops which is IMOHO the 
> runtime revolution of music making. ;)
> HyperCard was the first CMS I used for notes taking in 
> college. Since then it has grown to do enterprise storage 
> administration and NT AD domain user and share management and 
> lots more at home in my home software studio ;)...
> Same functions or handlers, different problems... im quite 
> confident of my object model because it has worked so well so 
> far... it's a pity few have managed to get into it - if any 
> did... (I know, I need to document stuff and all this... but 
> being alone and amidst the furious evolution I do in TAOO, 
> documentation doesn't help much at this stage... I work on it 
> bit by bit
> though...)
> What can't rev do? that's open to the user of course... im 
> the user and I respect other's work like delphi, ms office 
> and OS, OSX and all mac things since 1984. I also am awed at 
> linux and how it too grew out of features users wanted... 
> In rev, im the architect, the designer, the programmer the 
> tester and the user. What I like about it is that I can wipe 
> new features in the middle of the workflow and make all of my 
> stacks more powerful each time. Is this possible in delphi? Real time?
> Also I don't like pascal programming which delphi is using... 
> my fault but any feature I see in delphi I could replicate in 
> rev in minutes or a few hours depending. Then it's copy paste 
> or automatic updates (almost there) across any stack I use... 
> im not sure delphi would follow at this stage... real time... 
> probably can though ;)
> Thousands of objects? eh? 
> I wont compare a single programmer's work to a thousands'... 
> It may be unfair to them ;) But that's how big TAOO is... And 
> im still 10% of where I want to be conceptually compared to 
> today's scripted situation. I'd say my biggest problem is 
> finding powerusers or scripters that want to tap the 
> challenge and get it going... Im no Linus and definitely not 
> well funded at all and do this in my spare time mostly but I 
> persist I'm on the right object model from the beginning 
> because so far I enjoy the benefits developping or using 
> rev... It may not be OOP but it's not far phylosophically or 
> on the context-logic... 
> And im only too aware how one object model may not fit the 
> workflow of another object model - 
> We all choose our IDEs, the features we need we add to it 
> right? That's the way it works so far for the past 15 
> years... about a new feature every week on average... this 
> has added up so far...
> If I had time to discover and learn delphi I might do the 
> same thing, at this point, though it's faster for me to wipe 
> the delphi feature in rev when needed - and I don't look at 
> delphi at all because I base these new features on actual 
> needs... In the end I have all the features I've programmed 
> in since 15 years and I can enhance any myself any time, use 
> it across all my stacks and go faster each time...
> Just to add fuel to the fire, Im working on a new DB model 
> which I call NodeDB - im not too happy in sql and why not 
> make something even more xtalk like, ahem practical for Rev! 
> Anything to make rev do my workflow faster - hopefully it's 
> compatible with other users ;) 

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