[ANN] Renumbering Images with new IDs

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Fri Dec 16 22:42:35 EST 2005

Some of you know of the hassles regarding renumbering your ImageIDs so 
as to not create conflicts. Ken Ray even has a database table of 
reserved image IDs many of us use to register 'blocks' of IDs for our 
own projects.

(revInterop Group on Yahoo - for more info check out www.revjournal.com)

It's a complicated issue which isn't a big problem for casual scriptors. 
But for plugin and libray authors and anyone else who creates large 
intertwined projects full of stacks, it can be quite a bugaboo.

I've been working on a altPlugin which automates renumbering ImageIDs in 
a stack and it's substacks as well as checking for conflicts and 
automatically fixing them. It will even check to make sure IDs are in a 
'range' before changing them. Once changed, it tediously works through 
backpatterns, all the icon IDs of buttons, and even searches and 'marks' 
scripts for evaluation. It should work in MC though not tested.

If anyone is interested in helping to betatest, please contact me 
offlist and I'll shoot you an email telling where to get it. I'd like to 
make sure this one is as 'bullet-proof' as possible before releasing to 
the entire group.



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