Best modality for rather large stacks

Scott Kane scott at
Fri Dec 16 20:28:17 EST 2005

> Fred, SQlLite is *extremely slow*. Like bicycle comparing to rocket.
> Do not believe just me!

That's the only valid point you make. Not to believe you.
I use SQLite with altSQL and it is fast, efficient and
very clean.  I combine this with Trevor's libDatabase.
If you are in a competition to win friends and influence
people then you have lost the plot, mate.  Attacking other
products to promote your own is marketing suicide.  People
don't like it, no matter the value (or lack of) of your
product.  Given that the people from Altuit are always
helping out here for free I find your comments offensive
in the extreme.  Yes- I'm a newbie to Rev.  But I've been
programming (professionally) for over twenty years and I
can assure you I've met twits like you before.  I suggest
you refine your marketing strategy or risk continuing looking
like a goat.

Scott Kane

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