Best modality for rather large stacks

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Fri Dec 16 19:57:14 EST 2005


Once again you find it necessary to attack someone else's product to promote
your own. I, for one, find this pretty distasteful and I can't imagine it's
making you very popular in this community.

You say there are testimonials of developers that have used both on your
site. I went there and searched for SQLite and the only mention is in the
one you included in your email. And that guy's not even using Rev. He's
using Valentina with Cocoa and/or RealBASIC.

You are not helping yourself here, sir.

On 12/16/05, Ruslan Zasukhin <sunshine at> wrote:
> On 12/16/05 9:26 PM, "Gordon Tillman" <got at> wrote:
> Fred, SQlLite is *extremely slow*. Like bicycle comparing to rocket.
> Do not believe just me!
> read testimonials of developers that have use both and can compare.
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