"Typesetting" functions

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Fri Dec 16 18:24:08 CST 2005

Well, Andy I set type back in 1974, by hand (well, almost... smile),  
burned the plates and ran the KORD myself, folded the parents sheets,  
collated signatures, perfect bound and trimmed... Those were the  
days, ... (you can have them! I much rather outsource as we do  
today... ) I remember the first AFGA we got, yes, true we had more  
precise control then than we do now, though Abobe's optical is pretty  

True, the new layout programs still don't cut it (we set the kerning  
pairs by hand for every font we used in Quark...) by old world  
standards. But we are talking apples and oranges. You are in another  
zone...  I looking for some simple functions for Rev fields, nothing  
more than  simple alignment controls per para in a single field,  
basic justification & tab controls per paragraph, We can leave the   
fine H & J's out of this equation...

I'll check on Scott rolling credits...


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>> As one who is spoiled by options for very precise control over type
>> all these years (Quark and now InDesign) the challenges of making
>> text look good in a Revolution field seem daunting.
> You think Quark and InDesign gave you precise control over high  
> quality
> typography? You're way off the mark.
> I typeset on CCI back in 1982 which was the best in it's day.  
> Granted it was
> balck type on white paper. When Adobe introduced PostScript, I took  
> their
> clases and wrote a typesetting system that fell short in kerning and
> tracking, but excelled in features that have yet seen the light of  
> day.
> So in my experience of over 23 years in the field and asking the  
> Magic-8
> Ball, "The chances are unlikely."
> But anyway, have a look at my old typegauge, written entirely in  
> postscript,
> then PDFd.
> http://mywebpages.comcast.net/foxcat/GAUGE_88.pdf
> Enjoy
> Andy Burns
> Media, PA
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