Chunking, Array's and I've lost my mind...

David Coker davidocoker at
Thu Dec 15 23:22:25 EST 2005

> The easiest & fastest method is to use the "repeat for each" loop,
> which would go like this:
> on mouseUp
>   repeat for each char tCurrentLetter in field "Phrase"
>   -- do something with it
>   end repeat
> end mouseUp
> "repeat for each" works by setting the loop variable to the next
> specified chunk each time through the loop. It is really fast and
> while the syntax takes a bit of getting used to, it will pay off if
> you can make yourself use it.
> HTH,
> Sarah
> not even thinking about giggling :-)

Arrrgh... and to think I was SOoooo close in my earlier attempts.
I've been digging through the documentation and Dan's book all evening
and knew that "repeat for each" was what I needed... just couldn't get
the syntax quite right.

As far as the giggling goes, have at it! ...I'm accustomed to it and
don't mind a bit. =)

Thank you very much Sarah!


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