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Well, but if the forum is set up properly, then you would not have to
troll through multiple anything...

If you select an option to receive all postings by email, then you need
never visit the forum.

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> To help in this debate, can I ask you all to specify how important
> Revolution is in your day job. Please indicate whether you spend most
> of the day developing RunRev-based applications or not. Requests for
> structuration and forums usually come from (1) newcommers (who don't
> want to have to ALL posts every published on the use-rev list) and
> (2) non commercial users who don't have 1-2 hours a day to spend
> reading the posts on this list.

Rev is crucial to me. I spend about 50% of my day job developing in
Rev and I also do consulting after hours. I prefer the more passive
model of having everything arrive in my InBox. Then I can filter it
and respond if I have the time, or leave it a few days if I don't. I
do not see myself having the time or patience to troll through
multiple groups or forums.

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