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Well, but see...

If Dan had a proper Forum, then one of the subcategories could be
graphics. It'd be right easy to follow. You could subscribe to interact
with just that subcategory by Email, if that is all you care about, or
you could subscribe to the whole board by email.

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Of course, we're all free to create whatever lists and forums we  
want, but I see no indication in Heathers message to suggest that  
what you have in mind would be inapropriate for this list. That's why  
I asked. It just seems that it would be a shame to find that people  
hoping to find thngs out about Revs graphics facilities had to go  
hunting around because that subject matter had migrated to another  


> Dear list members,
> This is a list for discussing how to use revolution. It has always  
> been a list specifically for this purpose. The bigger the list has  
> got, and the larger the number of members, the more important it  
> becomes to stick to this topic, because off topic posts annoy ever  
> larger numbers of people.
> It is a moderated list, and always has been. Historically, this  
> list has needed very little moderation. I've only ever banned two  
> people, both for things which were completely unacceptable  
> (advocating piracy and foul language). Obviously the people on this  
> list are not automatons who do nothing but program, and from time  
> to time opinions will be expressed on various matters, but by and  
> large they have been expressed amicably, and kept sufficiently  
> short that no real action is needed.
> I'm beginning to feel that the list needs more active moderation.  
> For whatever reason, the spirit of the list appears to be rather  
> scratchy at the moment, and the signal to noise ratio is dropping.
> If you want to discuss politics, religion, how to run a business or  
> how not to run a business, free speech, or any other topic that is  
> not directly in keeping with the clearly stated aim of this list,  
> please take it elsewhere. Otherwise I am going to start putting  
> people on moderation, so that the rest of the group can continue to  
> use the list for what it is intended for.
> Warm Regards,
> Heather

On 15 Dec 2005, at 17:10, Mathewson wrote:

> I understood Heather Nagey's ruling to mean that the RR
> Use-List was ONLY to be used to discuss CODE and HOW-TOs.
> The RRGraphix Group that I started takes a rather broader
> canvas (pun intended) - in that it can also be used to
> suggest ways that the Graphic Capabilities of Runtime
> Revolution may be expanded and improved on (constructive
> criticism).
> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson
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