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Thu Dec 15 12:07:29 CST 2005

We could write an automated inquisition function...

Put TortureMercilessly(control tMyControl of group tMyGroup) into field "tortured confession"

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Hi Björnke,

> On Dec 15 2005, at 18:41, Klaus Major wrote:
>>    ## do something to control i of grp 1
> that poor control, what has it done to you that you wish such harm  
> unto it?
> *shakes head in disappointment*

One can do something GOOD to that control, you know?
It's all in the eye of the beholder! :-)

So why assume the worst?

And please add a smiley or two to posts like this, old mizer :-D


Klaus Major
klaus at

Just in case this is something personal between the control and me i  
just can tell you:
Mind your own business, brother!


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