debugger problem

MisterX b.xavier at
Wed Dec 14 12:58:36 EST 2005

Hi Cal

Try to clear the breakpoints from your stack.
save the stack and try again...

hopefully that will fix it...


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> Hi!,   I have many different assumptions about what is 
> causing the problem, but
> rather than to keep grasping at straws I have been looking at 
> the Embassy
> and i saw your reply to a debugger question. So here I am   
> I'm running Rev 2.6.1 in a windows XP Pro environment.   I've 
> used Rev since version 2.2.1 and this is the first time this problem
> has come up.   When I open debugger, or the app I'm testing 
> hits a breakpoint and opens up,
> the debugger has lost the Step In, Step Over, etc buttons at 
> the bottom of the window and all of the menu items that are 
> the same (step in, step over,
> etc.) are "grayed out".   I have deleted and installed 
> different versions of Rev. and it still happens
>    So I am stumped. And of course the debugger is too good a 
> tool for me to
> have to go back to the old way of testing and fixing.   TIA   Cal   .
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