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Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Tue Dec 13 21:29:27 EST 2005

My $0.04 on this whole thing is simple.

This community is too small as it is. Fragmenting it makes no sense. As
several people have said, it doesn't take much effort or intelligence to
filter the list.

I like the idea of subject prefixes but every time it's been proposed here
it's fallen on deaf ears.

FWIW, I think a mailing list is the worst possible vehicle for ANY of this
and vastly prefer discussion boards that allow email participation. But this
community is too small for us to be expected to look in multiple places for
our daily Rev fix.

Can't we just agree that there's a lot of variety in what we're interested
in as a community and let it go at that?


On 12/13/05, Dave LeYanna <dleyanna at> wrote:
> I like this idea.
> is available. Forum software is easy to setup. I can
> get the name and host it (with Runtime Revolution's blessing that is.)
> No need to moderate (much.) If one wants it all pushed to them via
> email, that's easy to do.
> I must admit that I like getting the email though. It typically gets
> faster response for those in need. Brackets in the [Subject] line are
> not to hard to do.
> The big thing for me is not to "split" the traffic into other lists. I
> find it to much work to check so many locations all the time.
> WAIT A SECOND! How about RSS? Half-hour digests of the list via RSS?
> dave
> Bill Marriott wrote:
> >Gordon Webster wrote,
> >"I for one would hate to see this list stripped of  its "Revolutionary"
> >appeal by limiting it only to discussions of rev  users' technical
> problems.
> >While such technical problems may be the  primary concern of this list,
> do
> >they really have to be it's only concern?"
> >
> >Excellent point, Gordon.
> >
> >I really don't agree with "segmenting" the list, because now we're
> supposed
> >to go to location A for "graphics," location B for "business," and pretty
> >soon it will be location C for buttons, location D for this, location E
> for
> >that...
> >
> >The problem is that each of these unofficial offshoots have a fraction of
> >the participation that this official list does. Inevitably, we'll see
> useful
> >discussions quashed with the line, "take this to such-and-such" a venue.
> To
> >me it seems like "vigilante moderation."
> >
> >As much as I really enjoy gmane as an NNTP interface to the list -- it's
> >made things MUCH easier to follow -- these "problems" segmenting is
> supposed
> >to solve would ALL be obviated if Rev put up a simple phpBB-based board
> with
> >common-sense categories. It is not difficult or expensive to do this.
> [And
> >yes, phpBB can be configured to send email to members, for those who
> prefer
> >the "push" style.] Then we would all have one place to go and people
> could
> >skip the categories they are not interested in.
> >
> >[Sorry, I don't plan to join/participate in those offshoot forums.]
> >
> >Bill
> >
> >
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