Export to Excel

Phil Davis davis.phil at comcast.net
Tue Dec 13 19:37:49 CST 2005

Hi Bill,

I once posted a Q about reading an Excel file directly in Rev but got 
zero responses.

Could you write to (or read from) an Excel file identified as an ODBC 
data source through Rev's database stuff? I've never done DB access via 
Rev and haven't studied the capabilities, but anyway that's what comes 
to mind for me.

Phil Davis

Bill Vlahos wrote:
> I have a table in an appliation which I want to export to Excel. I  can 
> fake it out by simply saving it as a text file with the .xls  extension 
> and when the user double-clicks it, Excel will open it up.
> That will fake it out but won't do any fancy Excel things like set up  
> tabbed categories, etc.
> Is there a better way to do this export?
> I've seen some programs export it directly into Excel without going  
> through a file on disk. How is that done? I assume on the Mac I could  
> use AppleScript but how would I do it on Windows?
> Bill Vlahos

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