You're Right -- It was HARSH

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Dec 13 18:33:28 EST 2005


I hadn't know you to be a person swayed by a single anonymous vote? I 
mean, did you really take a look at that the webpage of the guy who 
posted it?

I know you're smarter than to be such an easy influence.

I, for one, enjoy the off-shoots of this list, and hope we all don't get 
into the habit of replying "take it off list".

Let's just let Heather be the list mom.


Richard Gaskin wrote:

>   I am so turned off by the mailing list for RunRev.
>   Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just getting too old,
>   but that list just seems so full of posturing,
>   politics and some serious personal podiums!
>   There's just far too much bs and bantering going
>   on on that list, and I'll be honest, I excpected
>   it to be far more civil and mature than what I
>   have seen since I subscribed.
>   One or two replies by myself trying to help out
>   went by without even an acknowlegement, or even
>   a "piss off!".
>   Though what few questions I have asked have been
>   answered, but now there's just far too much junk
>   flowing through there that I don't even want
>   to ask questions.
> <>

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