how to beat confabulator

MisterX b.xavier at
Tue Dec 13 16:50:03 EST 2005

I forgot how this started to work ;)

something to do with registry settings...

classes something...

I'll try to make it into an easy double clickeable reg entry.

but ultra busy days lately...

but when you click on a rev file url it downloads and open it in rev... 

still it launches another rev instance and that could overwrite some

maybe I shouldn't share it for safety concerns ;)


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> > The only hickup though is that if we clicked on a rev url 
> to download 
> > the widget, it would launch another instance of rev (in 
> windows) which 
> > could be disastrous (in my pro opinion as a pc user) or for 
> mac users, 
> > i might not be recognized as a rev file...
> Oups, I misunderstood that. Anyway. Now, when you press on 
> the blue arrow any rev file is automatically downloaded 
> rather than displayed on the screen. Can PC users check this 
> work on IE? I have read somewhere that this may not work on 
> IE as it doesn't implement HTTP properly.
> If you are curious, there are two ways to achieve this. A not 
> so safe one, using php:
> <> (see header("Content-Type: application/
> force-download");)
> A safer one, using  .htaccess
> <Files *.rev>
> ForceType application/octet-stream
> </Files>
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