Rev App Gets Cloaked by Backdrop

Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Dec 13 05:27:57 EST 2005


1) boot a stack that sets the backdrop to Black in it's preopenstack  
2) the stack launches Acrobat to read some PDF.
3) User closes Acrobat
4) Your stack is there on screen "in front" of the backdrop.
5) click down on the rev stack

Poof! it disappears! :-/?

In the IDE of course, go to the Window menu, and click your stack and  
it "resurfaces" but run from a standalone player, he's gone behind  
the deep black blue for good.

I've hit this before and tried to play around with "resumestack" but  
never got it to work and so was forced to abandon setting the  
backdrop to black in contexts where we are having the user switch  
apps... Looks like I'm right there again... Anyone figure out a work  
around for this? I was hoping to have a black backdrop and then, of  
course, give the user the option to get his desktop back from a menu  
item in my app...the black back drop makes for a such a clean,  
dramatic entry to "nothing but your brand..."


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