Set the icon to (icon of another stack)

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Mon Dec 12 09:47:37 CST 2005

Hi Paul,

>start using stack "X"   places stack "X" ahead of all other library 
>stacks in the message chain; but it will not place it ahead of the 
>topStack.  The images may need to be on card 1 if the stack is in 
>use but otherwise unopened.

I am referencing images in the library stack as button icon ids in 
the current stack.  This works fine here on Mac OS & Windows.

One other possibility: to see the images change without opening a 
different card, one may need to script something like

         start using stack "myImageLibrary"
         repeat with x = 1 to the number of buttons
                 set the icon of button x to (the icon of button x")
         end repeat

Rob Cozens, CCW
Serendipity Software Company

Vive R Revolution!  

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