Text database using custom properties

Lynch, Jonathan bnz2 at cdc.gov
Mon Dec 12 09:59:18 EST 2005

I wrote a task-oriented to-do list program, which I use for notes,
links, and to keep track of everything I do for work. It is free, of
course, and can be found at www.WorkMage.com.

The actual tasks/notes app, which will appear when Work Mage
self-installs is called Task Mage. You guys are welcome to treat it as
public domain, and use any or all parts of it as you need.

You guys might like it - and it is written in Rev - it is intuitive for
me (but then, I wrote it) - hopefully it is intuitive for others.



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Jim Ault <JimAultWins at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Well, depending on how much this is a labor of love vs need-to-get-it-
> running-soon, you might check out NoteTaker.  Dan Shafer recommended
it and
> I decided very quickly to buy it.
> www.aquaminds.com
> Very powerful, and does automatic indexing on
> Categories, Date, Documents, Email addresses, last changed, numbers,
> priority, Proper Words, Text, Web Sites.

Take also a look to VoodooPad... there is free "Lite" version, but the
interesting features belong only to the full version...

> Each entry in the outline can even display an active web page of the
link it
> contains.
> But if you are like most of us...
>  building your own is what appeals to you :-)

Same thinking about VoodooPad... I reached the limit with the full
version, but not yet decided to buy it... why not writing a similar
thing in Rev???

But I am not so fluent in Rev ;->
Although I wrote years ago something equivalent in HyperCard...

The puzzling thing, is that after testing note taking apps, I always
return after a time to plain text notes (sorted by gross categories and
dates -- year, month)

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