Text database using custom properties

David Bovill david at openpartnership.net
Mon Dec 12 06:19:59 EST 2005

I think it should work fine - have not stress tested the approach yet  
- but it is what I use (custom properties linking the index to the  
structured text files).

I have just started using an MVC (model view controller) architecture  
for all my Rev apps - which has been a lot of work figuring out how  
best to do it. What this allows you to do is change the way you store  
your data very easily - so you can opt for using custom properties as  
your data model, text files, or a database. So far i am quite  
impressed how the MVC architecture helps structure your work -  
especially if you are looking at creating generic components.

On 10 Dec 2005, at 01:13, Brian Alleyne wrote:

> Hi all
> I am building a note and outline manager in rev. I've worked out my  
> user interface, but before going further I wanted to seek some  
> advice on text handling before working on the data engine.
> I will store  memo fields of various lengths, these would have  
> styled text, and would be typed in or imported in html or rtf form  
> from other applications. Some of these memo fields could run to 50  
> or 60 pages of text.  I will need to quickly search for any word or  
> string in these memo fields. I expect to store potentially  
> thousands of these memo fields.
> I was thinking of creating a data stack and storing the memo fields  
> as custom properties - in essence using rev as my database. I've  
> read Dan Shafer and Richard Gaskin on this, and if I understand  
> them, it seems as if this is a reasonable way to go.
> In sum, is rev good for a freetext database with thousands of memos  
> or should I be looking at something like Valentina?
> I am worried about the performance hit on searching when my  
> database grows to say,  10000 memos.
> Any advice is welcome.
> best regards,
> Brian
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