Embedding images and movies in a standalone

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Sun Dec 11 22:06:25 EST 2005

I would confirm this old windows bug... here's another way to state  
this case:

  if your installer puts your main app on "top" of the  CD's   
"desktop" (CD root) and a folder with media next to it and you burn  
this to CD, then there's a very good chance that the primary  
"relative path" script you normally put in a preopenstack hander

global gPathStem

on preopenstack

         put the filename of this stack into "gPathStem"

end preopenstck

##and refs to media in buttons like:

on mouseup
     set the filename of player 1 to (gtPathStem & \
     start player 1
end mouseup

WILL NOT WORK on some windows machines... it *does* work on the Mac.

Try putting the main app and the media folder inside another folder  
and burn this... down side is only that the user must click once on  
the folder and then again on your main app icon... but then the same  
script as noted above does work...whether run from CD or if the whole  
folder is copied to the hard drive... if that does not work for you,  
then you know you hit the above mentioned bug in your first  
architecture. It's tricky because if your user is virgo (very  
organized) and he copies the contents of the CD to some new folder he  
created, then it *will* work... but you don't have control over  
that... lot's of users will try to run it straight off the CD, if you  
have no installation set up...and then it's very likely to fail...  
not sure if this bug still pertains to latest Windows versions or  
not. Note... it's not a Rev problem ( I had a certified windows  
"repair man" breaking his head on this same problem with some other  
window programs and applications...we only here serendipitously  
discovered the solution... about 5 years ago...)


On Dec 10, 2005, at 10:24 AM, Mathewson wrote:

> If you are developing on a Mac a way round this problem is
> to make a disk image using Disk Tools (probably the
> sensible idea is to make it the same size as the media you
> intend to burn it to: DVD/CD) - make sure the image is
> Read/Write: mount it on the desktop and do all your
> development INSIDE IT.
> This means that all your files paths will point inside the
> disk - so where-ever the disk goes the paths SHOULD (Hm ?)
> stay the same and behave themselves.
> In this way you don't have to embed all your media - and
> find that your target computers grind to a halt as they
> don't have the RAM to cope with loading EVERYTHING (!!!!!!)
> at once.
> Another way to cope with this is to load media into
> individual substacks which end up in a 'data' file when you
> build your standalone (again - best to develop inside a
> disk image) and can be loaded and unloaded from RAM as
> required.
> sincerely, Richmond
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