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Sun Dec 11 13:20:51 CST 2005

Recently, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> I have a project that involves iTunes. I want to extract locally a
> users playlists and song/podcast list from their computer and do some
> things in Rev. I then want to put/import some content back into iTunes.
> I figure I can use Applescript on the Mac but I don't know about
> iTunes for Windows. Is anyone familiar with doing things like this on
> Windows?

You might be interested in this library for the Mac side:

But if you're only using a few functions and are comfortable with
AppleScript than it may be overkill for your needs.

> What are the options available? On the extraction side can I use an
> output from iTunes? Is there an XML file etc.?
> On the importing side is it acceptable to just ask the user to drop/
> import a folder into iTunes from my output? Or is there a way to send
> a command to iTunes to tell it to do the import?
> I am just starting this project and any and all help or input is
> greatly appreciated.

As Sims suggested, you might be able to parse an XML file to get what you
need.  If you're looking to *talk* to iTunes, you need to use COM, according
to Apple.  An SDK is here:

If you build an external, please let me know.  I've been interested in this
for months.


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