What Rev Needs -- Again (was "Why is Konfabulator "Pretty?")

Wolfgang Bereuter wmb at internettrainer.com
Sun Dec 11 10:57:51 EST 2005

On 08.12.2005, at 18:18, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Okay, I'll bite: what exactly is an "open source strategy" for an  
> engine which is, and will likely remain, closed-source?

I know you since many years as a very intelligent person. I cant  
explain why its so difficut to understand why rev is not popular,  
because I tried so many time to explain it. So it must be my fault. I  
try it again, because I still believe in the idea of rev/MC, not in  
RR, I have learnd that in the past. (Once again sorry, my english  
could be better...)

first of all: *Why isn't Rev more popular?*
My completly different point of view: I m a creativ, right brained  
talented person but I m an idiot programmer. I need(ed) a MM  
Authoring tool for my idea of a new lerning GUI. At the beginning I  
was singing like the others the hymne of rev, until I understood,  
that rev is not a tool for "idot programmers". Its a no-fish/no-meat  
tool for professional coders.
Then I realy learned to hate it: 1. Version, problems with RR policy,  
behavior of the Management, GUI, ignorance of client wishes, crashes,  
etc, etc... endless list (No doubt my fault: I thougt its a mature  
tool, because MC was about 10 year on the market, and rev is only a  

The only big point of rev is this list and his members: they helped  
me a lot. I would not read the postings occasionally as i still do.  
But, its a kind of insider circle, which can not really expand  
because of the *wrong policy of RR*. Why is that policy so wrong? (I  
said that many times, investments in Dreamcard,  Licence policy, etc,  
etc... Where is, after years, a support for other editors, good rtf,  
native Flash support, nativ web support (like Flash) etc...???

I had to give up my learning projekt for a time, maybe thats good for  
my life?, and follow on writing my novel, which I m finishing now.  
Now it comes to one of the main points "Why isn't Rev more popular?"  
In my novel a developer tool is one of the "protagonists" in a nerd´s  
group. I dont know at the moment if the readers will like that book,  
but if they will, RR has lost another big opportunity to bring rev  
out of that insider circle.
*Why?* At the beginnig, the tool in the story was called Revolution,  
now its called iMistral, because I dont know if I can use mTropolis  
or iShell (copywrite the editor has to check that)...

some thoughts aside...
What happens with rev when Macrobe kills Director (will happen), and  
decides to make different developer GUI´s for Flash/swf for coders  
and  Non-Coders? (imho the big business for rev) One of them could be  
a "hypercard"-xtalk-GUI ;)
- - -
What happens with rev when aside M$ (VB), cocoa will be realized as a  
real crossplatform tool, if Dharma or that patent from Apple (for  
more operating systems on one PC) comes? (Essential for Apple...)  
Annother *big* free competitor for the *professional* coders.
- - -
Where are the easy to use **independent** low cost crossplatformtool  
for the masses? (imho the real target market for rev)
- - -
Why "an/one" OS strategie? There are so many different types of  
licences between GNU and commercial...

If anybody is interested, I can explain it, but I dont want to write  
so much to one post. Nobody reads that...

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