Stock Portfolio project starting

Mark Smith mark at
Sat Dec 10 10:45:20 CST 2005

Dennis, I have a very rough stack that downloads quotes from's ugly, but it works reasonably well. If it might be  
helpful, I'd be happy to email it over to you, even though I'm a  
little embarassed at how rough it is...


On 10 Dec 2005, at 16:24, Dennis Brown wrote:

> I have just decided that I need to write a stock portfolio  
> reporting program in DreamCard.  Every canned program I have tried,  
> does not show my portfolio in a way that is useful to me for making  
> certain decisions.  I end up with several spreadsheets that I am  
> hand updating every day --not the kind of thing a Rev programmer  
> should have to put up with!
> This will involve a new area of learning for me --I need to find a  
> way to download realtime quotes from the internet every 5 minutes.   
> Does anyone have any experience doing this, and can I get a few  
> pointers about how to start to tackle it?
> I also need to be able to run this stack at the same time I am  
> running the DreamCard IDE.  I know that if I am running DC Player  
> at the same time as DC IDE, the two interfere in some ways.  I was  
> wondering if the StackRunner program also interferes with DC IDE if  
> both are running?
> I am doing this program for my own use (as opposed to for someone  
> else).  Therefore, I am open to sharing my results as an example.
> As always, any help is appreciated.
> Dennis
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