Can I do "show through" graphic regions...

Scott Rossi scott at
Sat Dec 10 01:40:49 CST 2005

Recently, Andy wrote:

> I want to design a Chinese abacus. I'd like the background not covered by
> the beads, rods, reckoning bar and frame to show though.
> Maybe this isn't accepted GUI design so I may change it around but I'd like
> to see if it works anyhow.
> Any hints??

Hi Andy:

How can anyone resist a GUI challenge?...

OK, I'm not sure if I did what you're asking, but I took a stab at this, and
spent way to much time figuring out the math (this was a good exercise for
me in efficient scripting).  I think it works as an abacus should but the
"abacus experts" out there should take a look to verify.
Execute the following in your message box (not a browser):

 go url ""

I believe what you want when you say "show through" is to use transparent
images (PNG images are used here).  You can make simple transparent images
in Rev, or use any decent image editor.  You could also use graphic objects
for the "pegs" though any non-rectilinear edges will appear jagged.  This
abacus is nicely rendered in PNGs so even if it doesn't work correctly it
will look good while failing.

PS  There's no reset button -- I leave that up to you to script.


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