Why is Konfabulator 'Pretty?'

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Sat Dec 10 00:09:53 EST 2005

I had forgotten that the 'Konfabulator' thread was about anything other
than the previously-solved clock problem, so I only was alerted to
Heather's post in Marielle's reply.

My post wasn't directed at anyone in particular.

I appreciate much of what Heather has said.  I was an early critic of the
lack of educational pricing, and, cis-bam-boom, the company incorporated
generous educational pricing.  I'm not saying it was because of me; I'm
only pointing out that I recognize that the company has been responsive.

My only point about wooing the edu crowd is that this IS  or has been a
stated goal of the company.  As such, it strikes me as premature to go
public with an edu list if it's going to be nothing than a small mirror of
the use list.  Ditto with respect to the DC line and its UI.  I like that
DC exists (especially price-wise).  Will Marielle and I and Devin and all
the other educators patiently wait until stuff happens?  Sure.  But that's
singing to the Christmas choir.

Will new would-be adopters wait with similar understanding patience?

That's my concern.

Time for some well-spiked eggnog, methinks.


Heather (in a low-flying post that eluded my radar) said:

Dear Judy, Marielle, Xavier and others,

Mountains move slowly. Especially when we only have a limited number of
people available to lift them. I wish we had more Kevin's, but we only
have the one, which we use as efficiently as we possibly can. I
frequently read on this list and others "he should do this, he should
do that, he should post more, he should create a reporting tool, create
a browser, write new docs, woo the educators, he is ignoring our
interests..." If you look back over Revolution's history, I think you
will find that over time many many user requests have become
incorporated in the program and the company - or third parties have
stepped up and provided them. Over Time. We cannot, much though we
would like to, do everything for everybody, all at once. We must be
doing something right however, since we are in fact still here, and
orders of magnitude bigger than we were even a year ago, let alone ten
years ago (yes folks, its ten years since this company got started, if
you don't believe me check out our Ten Thumbs Birthday celebrations:
http://www.tenthumbstypingtutor.com). We try to focus on providing the
things that most people will get most use out of, most of the time.
Many of your suggestions fall into that category, and over time will
and do appear.

So be of good cheer! You all are doing your bit, rest assured that we
are doing ours, even if you don't always see it.

Viva la Revolution! and Merry Christmas too.

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