[ANN] SERVICE USB Plus Drives Real World Device Control with Runtime Revolution

liamlambert liamlambert at mac.com
Fri Dec 9 17:36:05 CST 2005

half way down under software

You can use SERVICE USB plus with the following programs:

Runtime Revolution (via external)
RealBasic (via plug in)
AppleScript (via OSAX)
FileMaker (via AppleScript)
Ragtime (via AppleScript)
Xcode C/C++,Cocoa,Java (via Framework)
Hypercard (only OS9 via AppleScript)
CodeWarrior Carbon (via Framework)
MaxMSP (via driver)
LabView (via virtual instrument)
DirectorMX (via Xtra)
4th Dimension (external)

I've seen the site. I can't seem to find the the page that mentions
'external' for Rev.

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