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Fri Dec 9 17:44:27 EST 2005

Fields are defined by both their name and their vertical position on 
the card.  If you make 3 fields and name them, in the order of 
creation, Bill, Joe and Sally, Bill will be field 1, Joe field 2, and 
Sally field 3.  If you drag one on top of the other, Bill will be on 
the bottom, Joe in the middle, and Sally on top.  If you send Sally to 
the back (Object menu, Send to Back), she becomes field 1, Bill becomes 
field 2, and Joe becomes field three.

When Rev tells you about fields, it does so by position number (field 3 
of cd 1), not by name (field Sally of cd 1).  You can tell Rev about 
your fields either by number or name  (select field 1, select field 

Hope this makes sense.

On Dec 9, 2005, at 2:11 PM, Steven Fernandez wrote:

> I notice that the function clickLine return the line clicked on along
> with the field number. What is the "fieldNumber"? I just spent a long
> time debugging a script because I could not understand what "field 3"
> was when I have no field called by that name. If I look at the stack
> inspector is there some way of figuring out which field is #3. I was
> expecting "line 3 of field myFieldName" Learning Transcript is a
> challenge. I know there is going to come a moment when I'll feel like
> I got it. That moment is not here yet.
> Thanks
> Steve
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