[ANN] SERVICE USB Plus Drives Real World Device Control withRuntime Revolution

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Fri Dec 9 14:38:38 EST 2005

What a surprise...

For those who don't know Fisher Teknik toys, it's the baby engineer's dream
come true. Fisher is the WW company that makes those grey plastic screw
inserts for wall screw holders. Drill, add fisher plug, screw in and it's
perfectly fit in the wall for holding anything...

I only remember seeing FT's once in America at the biggest ever toy store
"Schwartz" on 5th and 42nd in NY and never again... That was in 79'... 

Forget legos... Legos have come a long way but they still can't do all the
mechanical, electro-mechanical manipulative designs FT could do years

Those Germans made in FT the best IMOHO most instructive mechanical toy
assembly kit possible... Accessible at age 6 and on!!! It's the 3D rev of
your dreams now thanks to this Rev external!!! Legos are to Microsoft as
FT's are to Apple sort of... ;)

But why isn't this USB device PC compatible? I got rev, PC hardware all I
want, a dozen usb 2.0 ports, some 50 kilos of PT's in my home office (mad
scientist lab more like it)... arrrrggghhhhhhhh why me?

I still have these FTs in my office and use them for quick industrial-design
concepts im work on... 

http://monsieurx.com/taoo - the FT kits of Rev...

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