Windowshape image as mask for second image

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Fri Dec 9 11:24:04 EST 2005

Aloha Sannyasin,

>I have this "concept" and I'm not really sure it can be implemented
>in Rev... at least I haven't found a way:
>1) Establish a border that is like a picture frame, that is feathered
>on the outer edges... and the inside is transparent....
>2) use this as a windowshape
>3) next we want to place an image inside this "frame" such that the
>frame serves as a mask to the second image which is underneath...
>then we would want the image underneath to be set to move across very
>slowly... but only appear on the inside of the frame.

I believe you have two mutually exclusive objectives:

1. You want an irregular window shape, and
2. You want something to scroll an image under a frame.

Since the window shape must be (AFAIK) under the scrolling image, 
there is no way to mask the image with the window shape.

If you simply want to scroll a masked image --or move it in any 
direction, for that matter-- in a rectangular window, I have a sample 
stack I could send you that does that.  One could probably create a 
mask image with a transparent center to serve as an irregular "frame" 
and use the same technique; but the boundaries of the "frame" must 
extend completely to the boundaries of the window


         Scrolling image inside a frame with irregular-shaped interior, si;
         scrolling image inside a frame with irregular-shaped exterior, no!

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