Missing Quick References Guide on regular expressions

Marielle Lange mlange at lexicall.org
Fri Dec 9 08:35:30 EST 2005

Hi Steve,

I believe you go no reply to this yet. There is a page to explain the  
basics of regular expression syntax at:

You may find this page:

It contains answers and tips provided on this list to users  
questions. The page is orgnized by "functionality" (image  
manipulation) rather than by transcript keyword.

It's work in progress and anybody is welcome to contribute more tips  
(you only need to take 2 seconds to make yourself a member to edit  
any page of this wiki -- unfortunately necessary to avoid spam and  


> I'm working my way through "Revolution at the speed of thought", the
> book mentions using Revolution's Quick references for information of
> regular expressions. When I pick "Regular Expressions Syntax
> Reference", I don't get anything. I also don't get anything for "Emacs
> key bindings", "Supported Platform Reference" or Operator Precedence
> Reference". The other Quick references do seem to work. Any
> suggestions? This under 2.6.1
> Thanks
> Steve
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