Play Command & iTunes Directory Structure

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Dec 9 06:04:51 CST 2005

Hi John,

> Good Morning,
> I have created a stack that creates a playlist of songs.
> I am working on a button that takes the name of the selected song,  
> determines the filepath of that song in my iTunes library and then  
> plays the file.
> On regularly named files, it works great.  However, if the filename  
> contains commas, hyphens, or other irregular characters, I'm  
> getting an error message that says that the movie file could not be  
> opened.
> Is there a way around this problem without renaming all my iTunes  
> files?

unfortunately this is a VERY old bug!
Don't have the bugzilla number at hand.

The only workaround may be to use a (temporary) SMIL file as  
described in my "mk_libSMIL1" :-)
Get it via "Rev online" (User: klausimausi) of from my website -> X- 

It looks like a bit of "overkill" but works.

This is a very big showstopper in an "umlaut country" like germany  
and other
"accent countries" like france etc... :-(

I hope they will fix this in the next update (HINT, HINT ;-)

> Thanks,
> John Miller


Klaus Major
klaus at

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