Heads & Tails

Mark Greenberg markgreenberg at cox.net
Fri Dec 9 05:35:10 CST 2005

Here's another solution for the problem of finding the runs of heads  
in a series of coin flips:

Function TheRuns Data --in the form of tththhhhtthhth...
   Local P1, P2=1
   Repeat with i = 1 to 12
     Put True into M;Put Data into D;Put 0 into Ct
     Repeat until M is False
       Put MatchChunk (D,"(?:^|t)(h{" & i & "})(?:t|$)",P1,P2) into M
       If M then Add 1 to Ct
       Delete Char 1 to P2 of D
     end Repeat
     Put Ct & " runs of " & i & Return after Report
   end Repeat
   Return Report
end TheRuns

I don't post often, so I'll wish you all a happy holiday season now.   

		Mark Greenberg

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