Rev and open source (was "What Rev Needs")

Marielle Lange mlange at
Fri Dec 9 06:24:47 EST 2005

> If RunRev maintained a comprehensive index, with screenshots, of  
> all the cool stuff people made with it, there would be no question  
> that it can be used for making integrated open source solutions, or  
> widget-like goodies, or business apps, or any of the rest.

Note that's exactly what I have tried to do with the gallery, for an  
educator public (which is not very well targeted in the runrev  
website). That's a php script behind the gallery (<http:// 
20time>). The only thing you have to do is to upload a metadata file,  
a gif file and eventually a stack and the job is done. That's a PHP  
script I wrote myself. Anybody (revolution included) is free to use  
it. Other scripts exist that propose similar galleries. They are not  
that difficult to find or to adapt. It takes me a minute to manage it  
when anybody send me a new stack (and most of the minute is spent  
opening the stack, to check everything is fine).

When on holiday, I discovered  minor rendering problems on internet  
explorer 6.0 PC. Damn internet explorer 6.0 PC which doesn't comply  
to the current standards! I will soon buy a cheap laptop pc or some  
virtual pc application and fix that.

Speaking about virutal pc type of application, has anybody on this  
list used "guest pc"? That's a cheap alternative to virtual PC. I had  
used "blue Label", their OS9 version and had been very happy with it,  
then they toke ages to propose an OSX version.


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