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Mathewson richmond at
Fri Dec 9 05:20:55 EST 2005

Thank you very much Ms DeVoto; however, in light of the
fact that all the info contained in your stack has been
'redistributed' in newer recensions of RR I will not port
my stand-alone version. I have, as you can see, posted a
method for all who can be bothered to "dig it out" - after
all, that seems to be the real secret of success with RR:
be prepared to do a bit of "digging" and underneath the
brown exterior is a socking great pile of gold.

I for one am extremely grateful for your stacks - I have
them sitting in my plugins folder of 2.6.1 where thyey are
instantly accessible, AND I don't have to 're-dig' in 2.6.1
to find out where that info is now hidden.

sincerely, Richmond
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