Why is Konfabulator 'Pretty?'

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Fri Dec 9 03:49:53 EST 2005


It's not the differences in GUIs and HIGs that the problem. It's the 
problem of having two different
sets of skins on XP (w2k and xp buttons) or in the case of skinned 
buttons, where on OSX these
just do not port... 

After that, the next big problem facing rev developpers is HTML handling 
in rev fields. They
do not import it correctly nor do they export correctly. And there's 
absolutely not support for
html layout images wise, per-line alignments etc... 

There's solutions like altbrowser and DiscreteBrowser which do a far 
better job displaying
or transfering styles and tables corectly in the rev fields but not 
without considerable effort
from the developpers. 

This is the big show stopper in my point of view towards smooth 
transitions across platforms.
The reason? Dependencies on the old Mac OS toolbox display! 

If we had a mozilla engine built in Rev, this would have been a lot 
different from the start and
would have been FAR more compatible across OS' for the users (fields and 
controls and
html and css etc... included)...

The question is how much longuer must we wait for a real layer of 
cross-platform gui objects
that will respect today's standards... Something which i tried to tell 
Kevin Miller and which
usually got dismissed... I knew the issue would come back with a revenge 
as more windows
users join the rev crowd.... Today, i dont see many windows users adopting 
Rev at all! Most
are still HC and Mac users... Am i wrong?


use-revolution-bounces at lists.runrev.com wrote on 09/12/2005 09:34:46:

> MisterX wrote:
> > Just my 2 cents after lots of aggravation trying to get this far with
> > skins and porting "graphical" applications from W2K to XP to OSX... 
> > definitely not as simple or smooth as Chipp says
> > IMOHO - no offence Chipp...
> X,
> No offense taken. For those who are HIG sticklers, you are correct. But 
> remember the reason for the HIG (Human Interface Guidelines _not_ 
> laws!). They were first brought about by Apple and were extremely 
> important as programmers at that time knew nothing about programming 
> GUIs. The HIG's where great so that programmers had an idea of where to 
> start and what was good programming.
> Well along came Win95 with a new 'set' of HIG's which weren't exactly 
> like Apple's. So now users had to understand a bit of a different way, 
> as did programmers. But no worries as things were *mostly* the same.
> Then came the internet and multimedia (including HyperCard) and out the 
> window went the HIGs. Now buttons could just be underlined text, and new 

> modal interfaces were created by programs like HyperCard and others. 
> But, funny thing is, users still figured it out! Amazing those users:-)
> Now, many cross platform developers use their own GUI's and don't even 
> bother with the ever changing states of Apple's or Windows (I forget, is 

> brushed metal still 'in' or is it the new softer gray interface now?).
> For some examples of 'non complying GUI's' which are cross-platform 
> check out:
> http://www.luxology.com/modo/ergonomics.aspx
> http://www.e-onsoftware.com/products/vue/vue_5_infinite/
> http://www.alias.com/eng/products-services/maya/new/demos.shtml
> http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/main.html
> Some go farther than others, but all are essentially the same experience 

> on both Macs and PC's. So you can see, even some of the 'big guys' 
> aren't hung up on full HIG compliance.
> best,
> Chipp
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