Substacks and Information Windows

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Dec 8 23:55:58 EST 2005

> Dressing up my application with useful information windows for the user
> while the program processes information.  I do have a problem though...
> I've create the information windows as substacks of the main stack and
> when I call the stack with open and then show, the program seems to halt
> what it was doing.  How can I bring up the window for display without
> while letting the program continue?  I currently call the information
> window stack before I call my main processing handler. (I'm sure that's
> where the problem lies.) I'm gonna take a stab at it and say that by
> calling the substack before I call my processing handler I effectively
> turn over control to the substack, thus my processing handler won't fire
> until control is returned.  I'm sure that's the issue, but I could be
> wrong. ;)

Hi Adam,

How do you open your substacks or what mode are they in? If they are
modal, then everything stops until they are dismissed (like an answer

If they are not modal, then everything else should keep working, but
you might need to tell your scripts which stack they should be working

For example, if I have a counter in stack "Timer" that changes every
second (using a send in time message), but I then go to stack "Help".
When the messgae tries to update the timer, it may have problems as
the top stack has no field with the right name.

So my timer routine has to either set the defaultStack or explicitly
refer to the stack name of each object.


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