Substacks and Information Windows

Adam friendlygeek at
Thu Dec 8 23:35:26 EST 2005

Hi All:

Dressing up my application with useful information windows for the user 
while the program processes information.  I do have a problem though... 
I've create the information windows as substacks of the main stack and 
when I call the stack with open and then show, the program seems to halt 
what it was doing.  How can I bring up the window for display without 
while letting the program continue?  I currently call the information 
window stack before I call my main processing handler. (I'm sure that's 
where the problem lies.) I'm gonna take a stab at it and say that by 
calling the substack before I call my processing handler I effectively 
turn over control to the substack, thus my processing handler won't fire 
until control is returned.  I'm sure that's the issue, but I could be 
wrong. ;)


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