Visual Programming, mTropolis, Chipwits and Revolution

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Thu Dec 8 13:51:53 EST 2005


On iconic programming, we had a similar discussion on this list or  
the education list about a year ago. There is a special forum for  
this on the wiki website:

It's a bit inactive, but if you post, you will probably get replies.

Also, I had posted a few projects to give ideas to educators or  
inventive users.
You will find there a link to a page on chip wits

I contacted the author to know if there was anyway to get the source.  
As of today, I never got a reply.

You will also find there links to related projects (robotprog).

On another page of the wiki, you will find all information I have  
come across on visual programming:


PS. Dec 4... I am getting there. Only about 40 digests to skim.

> Greg:
> Alice is good, but you are right that it is PC only.
> I think PC users can play a virtual game of ChipWits
> at
> RobotProg: program a virtual robot with a flowchart

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