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Wed Dec 7 15:27:11 EST 2005

Hi Ken,

As usual, you are right.
I forgot to mention the defaultStack feature that is so convenient  
(to not have to write something like set the hilite of btn "I dont  
know which..." of stack "which stack? I don't remember!" to the  
uHilite of etc. :-)
Thanks for this needed addition.
With all this, Dave will get started :-)

Le 7 déc. 05 à 20:09, Ken Ray a écrit :

> On 12/7/05 6:56 AM, "Eric Chatonet"  
> <eric.chatonet at>
> wrote:
>> 2. "This" refers generally to to a card or a stack and refers to the
>> card or the stack that initiated the process.
>> Then if the current running handler was called from the current
>> stack, "this" will  refer to it but when called from another stack (a
>> substack for instance), "this" will refer to this another stack (the
>> substack).
> One thing to add is that that "this" always refers to the stack  
> that is the
> defaultStack, and when you open other stacks, *they* become the
> defaultStack, so if you do this:
> on mouseUp
>   set the defaultStack to "Test"
>   put the short name of this stack  -- puts "Test"
>   set the defaultStack to "Another Test"
>   put the short name of this stack  -- puts "Another Test"
>   open stack "Third Test"
>   put the short name of this stack  -- puts "Third Test"
> end mouseUp

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