Is there a way to determine and control screen resolution in RR?

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> Hi Steven,
>> Back again, with thanks, to tap the brains of the RR experts once
>> more:   I
>> have created a Revolution application (on Macintosh) that calls for
>> a screen
>> size close to 1024x768.   Since some users (Mac or Windows) may
>> have their
>> monitors set to less than that, I am concerned that the stacks may
>> be too big to
>> fit their monitors.   While I can issue a "ReadMe" note telling
>> users how to
>> reset their screen resolution, is there a way   of automatically
>> doing this in
>> Revolution?   I.e., can Revolution determine a user's screen
>> resolution and
>> alert them to increase it, or, better, can Revolution change the
>> user's screen
>> resolution and then convert back to the original resolution when
>> the program
>> closes?   Thanks.
> you can check the current screen resolution by querying "the
> screenrect".
> I do this all the time in my "preopenstack" handlers.
> But you cannot change the resolution from within Revolution, sorry.

Well, you can do this on the Mac (OS X) using Lynn Pye's 'cscreen' command
line app:

(To get info on how to use it, put it somehwere like your home directory,
open Terminal, and type "~/cscreen -h" and hit return).)

It also lets you get the current depth, width, height and refresh rate of
each connected monitor, and allows you t ochange any of these things
including which display has the menubar.

For Windows, you can check out the third-party command line executable
"MultiRes", "Resolution Changer", or "VidRes" at:

(For more information, see


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