Rev performance: help! (solved)

Jon Seymour jonseymour at
Wed Dec 7 09:23:54 CST 2005

Hi, I'd like to say thanks to Dave Cragg for helping me solve this  
issue...and perhaps others might run into this too. My problem was  
actually caused by having a button's filename property set to a URL  
which was no longer available. Unfortunately there was no obvious  
error message that arose from Rev's persistent efforts to load the  
image, apparently using libURL. I will concur that it did appear to  
me that the ulTickleMe's were arriving more than once a second during  
the periods where the program was frozen the "hardest." Regardless,  
once I removed the offending reference, Rev became itself again and I  
breathed a big sigh of relief.

Thanks again to Dave for insisting that I must have had a libURL call  
in there somewhere :)


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I think it's being sent more than once a second.


On Tue, 6 Dec 2005, Dave Cragg wrote:

> The ulTickleMe message is sent by liburl. If you are seeing it once a
> second, that's normal while you have a socket open. The messages
> should stop when all sockets are closed.

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