Works on Mac OS X, Why Not on Win XP?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Tue Dec 6 14:55:54 EST 2005

Hi rob,

I encounter yet this kind of problem... but don't remember exactly :-)
The problem is with a hide or show command that falsifies the right  
pair between lock and unlock screen.
Then an image can't be hidden or a visual effect not shown.
A simple clue (hide hide image "runtime.gif" with visual effect dissolve
Or, as for last time, I did not understand ;-)
Another clue: your syntax: unlock screen with dissolve is not  
correct. Should be unlock screen with visual effect "dissolve"
May be Macs are less fussy about that...

Le 6 déc. 05 à 20:38, Rob Cozens a écrit :

>     visual iris open
>     go to card "About" -- About's preOpenCard handler includes  
> 'show image "runtime.gif"'
>     wait 1 second
>     lock screen
>     hide image "runtime.gif"
>     unlock screen with dissolve
>     wait 8 seconds
>     visual iris close
>     go to card "Index"

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