Rolling your own - continued

Mathewson richmond at
Tue Dec 6 14:21:00 EST 2005

This has been a long-term habit of mine; I have rolled
quite a few stacks I have found down in the "basement" of
versions of RR and MC into free-standing stacks and then
popped them into the plug-ins folder of my latest version
of MC/RR.

This generally means that all those EXTREMELY USEFUL
details that RR hides away like some person with obsessive
secrecy are up-front and ready for me to use/reference
whenever I want.

Obviously, owing to all sorts of odd, kinky copyright stuff
that I don't quite understand I should not make these
publicly available. So any interetsed parties should just
do it for themselves - it is a bit fiddly - but RR is not a
DRIED UP LEMON as some seem to think; it is full fo rich
juice which just takes a bit of 'squeezing' to find.

sincerely, Richmond
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