Changing the Layer/Resizing Controls

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Hi Dave,

Many questions...

Xavier answered some of them. Thanks Xavier :-)

Le 6 déc. 05 à 15:20, David Burgun a écrit :

> Hi,


> Also, is there a secret to using the Property Inspector Size and  
> Position pane effectively?

1. If a value is highlighted in a box in the property palette,  
deselect to have only the insertion point blinking then click on the  
card of the palette to deselect the insertion point... Then you will  
be able to move the selected control using arrow keys.
2. If you want to see exactly the result without the handles around  
the object, click on the padlock in the property palette and choose  
the browse tool. Then you can use the little arrows effectively.


> I find myself adjusting loads of different things just to make one  
> control inside a group bigger, so I find myself dreading doing a  
> simple task just because the IDE makes it into a nightmare!

Edit the group: it will be easier.
When a group is locked it only show the controls within its own rect:  
that's a great feature since the group can be scrolled :-)
When it's not, it automatically expand to fit all controls it owns.
Seems consistent to me.

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