Need to search the web (was: An unsolicited message on my Rev address)

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Tue Dec 6 09:50:55 EST 2005

Hi Kay,

The Answer dialog is a modal window: this means that you can't do  
anything else than validate an option.
In your case, you have to build the window by yourself in order to  
present options and choices in the *same* window :-)
Not too difficult...
Just study correctly your layout ;-)

Best Regards from Paris,

Eric Chatonet.

Le 6 déc. 05 à 15:35, Kay C Lan a écrit :

> Thanks for passing on Jim's function (and thanks to Jim).
> I put the function to quick work, but unfortunately I ended up in a  
> worse
> situation:-(
> I had the parsed data nicely presented in a list field so that I  
> can even
> click on the link line should I need to investigate further. There  
> is so
> much info that the field needs both vertical and horizontal scroll  
> bars.
> My script runs a repeat loop that reads each line of the log and  
> 'answers'
> if I want to 'Ignore' or 'More Info' or 'Keep'. If I 'More Info' it  
> puts
> Jim's function to work then nicely presents it in the list field.  
> The script
> then 'answers' again for 'Ignore' or 'Keep'.
> The problem is that whilst the answer dialog is present I can't  
> click on a
> link or even scroll the field, yet I don't want to exit my repeat  
> loop, so
> that I can navigate the field, because I NEED an 'answer'. I  
> thought it
> might work if I put the field in it's own substack, or a completely  
> seperate
> stack, but it doesn't - or at least it doesn't in the IDE; I assume  
> if they
> were two seperate standalones the answer dialog wouldn't lock up both
> stacks.
> As it turns out I found another solution. I've set the systemWindow  
> to true,
> so now my stack remains on top of everything else. In the end I  
> think this
> is picking the right tool for the right job; my stack keeps track  
> as it
> progresses through the log whilst I use 'the clipboard' and my  
> browser to do
> all the Net searching.
> So thanks anyway for broadening my Rev horizon.

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